Tuesday, March 25, 2008

iConflict Is Now Live

From the About Us page:

iConflict seeks to empower people who have been struggling to find a place and a space to tell their story. No other citizen journalism site enables users to connect, discuss and share news on conflicts and crises. If you care about resolving conflicts, then join our global grass-roots effort.

Now, citizen journalists, activists, relief workers, volunteers, and citizens living amidst conflicts, can share their experiences by uploading images and videos to iConflict, from their computers, cameras or cell phones. Users can upload news articles, comment on posted stories, and use their voice to engage in an active dialogue with our online community.

Your participation in iConflict will help to increase awareness on the important events happening all over the world.

iConflict is the only citizen journalism site to focus on international conflicts and crises. If you want news and information on the truly important news events taking place today, there's only one place to go – iConflict.com.

At iConflict, your news, is news.

To contact iConflict click here.

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