Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I often email interesting articles to myself in the hope that one day I'll eventually write about them. This plan has worked gloriously well, as I now have over 6o emails labeled 'writing ideas' and I've produced... well, a handful of posts. I finally started a del.icio.us feed, so that will hopefully help with future ideas, but I'm posting older links here. Enjoy.

The Environment
National Security and the Threat of Climate Change
The Endless Pursuit of Unnecessary Things
Decrying the Pursuit of Unnecessary Things
The International Climate Change Conference

International Affairs
The Peace Studies Racket
Export Security, Not Democracy

Political Philosophy
A Timeline of Libertarian Thought
Real Libertarianism

Poverty and Development
Guests in the Machine
Dollar's Fall Is Felt around the World
Ending Global Apartheid
Economic Opportunities for Our Grandchildren
Future of the IMF
IMF Fact of the Day
Should We Abolish the IMF
Graft Paper

US Politics
Financing the Common Good
The Endless Campaign
Making Politics Less Important to Elections
NAFTA and the Dems

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